Mongoose VT-900 GPS Tracker

$299.00 Including GST


The Mongoose GPS Tracker is a perfect option for added security of a vehicle or if you are a business and would like to track a vehicles movements.

You can purchase this and install yourself or we can do full install for you at a total cost of Tracker and Install for $450 – this includes a sim card and $20 top up loaded. (it is recommended to have a auto top up of between $10-$20 per month).

GPS satellites are in fixed orbits above the earth and are used by GPS trackers to find their precise location within just a few meters (outdoors).  A GSM SIM card* is inserted into the tracker and automatically sends its location via low cost mobile data to the free website.

The mobile APP, also free, allows you to see the trackers location on your smart phone or tablet.
The website saves your trackers history with a continuous 6 months history – all at no charge !
See current live location and plot vehicle movements as they happen – replay travel history for any day of your choice – all on your own phone !
The tracker, APP and website work seamlessly together with virtually no delay in operation.
The GSM SIM card that you insert into your tracker must have text and data capability.


  • FREE mobile APP – NO FEES
  • FREE website – NO FEES
  • 3G WCDMA:- Spark, Vodafone, 2 Degrees
  • FREE 2 Degrees PrePay SIM card included (just register and add credit)
  • Uses mobile data for low cost operation of location reporting
  • ‘Account’ logon for multiple tracker users – see all trackers on one screen
  • Live track your vehicle(s) on your smart phone, tablet or PC
  • History playback (continuous 6 months)
  • Print/save travel reports from the website
  • 2~3 hour battery back-up
  • Uses LBS (cell sites) for location when no GPS available (an aid to Search & Rescue)
  • Maximum of 3 authorised ‘users’
  • Time adjustable for NZ daylight saving
  • Engine immobiliser – 12v relay supplied (starter motor only – see cautionary note below)
  • Geo-fence – sets permitted travel area – multiples can be set
  • Arm/Disarm function for alerts
  • ALERTS FOR: Ignition – Shock – Geo-fence in/out – Speed – Move – Low power – Power disconnect
  • Small size: 70x40x22mm – 50g
  • Water resistant to IPX-6
  • 12v~75v DC input
  • Uses a 3G SIM card (Vodafone, 2 Degrees or Spark)
  • Easy installation – only 3 wires + immobiliser
  • 2 year product warranty
Mongoose only recommends immobilisation of the engine starter as this is safest method.
The stopping of an engine via the ignition or fuel pump whilst being driven may have dangerous consequences.
SIM card charges:
GPS trackers require a mobile SIM card inserted so that they can communicate with your mobile phone and the website.
Typical SIM costs on PrePay can range from $1.00 to $10.00 per month depending on usage.Sometimes the cost can be zero depending on your contract with your mobile provider.
A PrePay is the least expensive but discuss options with your mobile provider.


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