Parking Sensors

Parking sensors are an affordable and effective way to improve safety around your vehicle. Whether you are going backward or forwards there are many hazards which can cause damage to either your car or someone else’s property, and most importantly parking sensors can help detect a person or animal around the vehicle that you may not have seen.

These small sensors work by giving an escalating audible warning as you approach an object. The sensors automatically turn on when you select reverse gear or . They start detecting at about 2 meters and give audible warning beeps. The beeps get faster as you get closer to a person or obstacle and sound continuously when you are about 0.5m away telling you to stop.

Choose from reversing only sensors, front only sensors (great if you already have factory rear sensors) and sets with both front and rear sensors. They are suitable for most car models and can be colour matched to your vehicle for a factory look finish.


  • 4Front 4 sensor kit supplied and installed from$499 (euro vehicles from $550)
  • Rear 4 sensor kit supplied and installed from $499 (euro vehicles from $550)
  • Front 4 and rear 4 sensors supplied and installed from $799
  • Colour matched to your paintwork from $250

NB – Prices are for passenger vehicles only and will vary if installation is on a commercial sized vehicle.  Prices exclude colour matching also.

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