Exide Battery Mart 

At East Coast Soundz Auto Electrix Tinting, we are the Battery Mart agent for the Napier Area. This means we have very competitive pricing and access to a full range of vehicle, truck, marine, motorbike, lawn and garden range and even house alarm panel batteries. Call into our showroom at 2 Dunlop Road, Onekawa (Corner Carnegie and Dunlop Roads) or give us a call on 06 650 1777 to find out what our sharpest price is.


Proven maintainable Calcium/Calcium technology to suit early model vehicles both imported and manufactured in Australia. A national 18-month warranty offer is supported by an extensive dealer network.

Our Prices start from just $85


A range of batteries with proven calcium technology with Ap9 additive to ensure maximum performance and long life. The Endurance range is suitable for most modern vehicle applications with a balanced power approach to ensure ultimate performance and long life. Backed by a 30 month nationwide warranty

Our Prices start from just $135


Exide Extreme is designed and built for all conditions. It contains advanced calcium Ap9 and 2xT technology delivering high performance and longer life. This product is most suited to modern passenger vehicles with complex charging and electrical systems and exceeds OE specifications to provide total balanced performance. Offers an amazing 42 month warranty period.


Excellent cycling for long operating hours, built to withstand rugged recreational use. The choice for remote operation over extended periods in caravans, motor homes and camper trailers. Available in Leisure Cycle Silver - Calcium/Calcium and Leisure Cycle Gold - AGM technologies to suit every leisure application.


Heavy Industrial Cycling - Exide Industrial Deep Cycle Batteries are built to last and deliver power when needed, thereby ensuring maximum life and optimum performance. Ideal for mobility, golf carts and a range of industrial applications such as walkers and stackers etc.

Semi-Industrial Cycling - Built strong to withstand the pounding and vibration of heavy vehicle and semi-industrial use. These Deep Cycle batteries are developed for long-running power and low amperage drain. Even when all else fails, these Deep Cycle batteries will keep you powered up.




Powerider Motorcycle JetskiA new range of world leading factory activated sealed maintenance free AGM batteries to use in motorcycle, jet-ski and other recreational style vehicles. Completely spill proof for added safety. Supported by 12 months nationwide warranty.