Wow -Perfectionist Pete! (A brilliant trait, Pete). So refreshing having people taking pride and care with their job. Absolutely stoked with the Bel Air -Pete, Karen and Keegan, the sound is crystal clear and pumping - just how I like it.  The alarm system is finally working - so totally safe and sound Thanks heaps guys. Also I must add, very reasonably priced. Nice 1!
Nicki Picen

Pete you're a frikk'n legend! Spent hours on my alarm just to come to another problem and you aced it in the end! So wrapped with you and your service! Highly recommended to all!"
Vincent Gank

Best service in town, I dealt with these guys here a few times and they were busy but still they stopped to help me out.  The 1st time I went in I got awesome service and they told me a bit about each thing.  I recommend everyone to go here as they got the best prices in Hawkes bay.
Anthony Geddes

Stoked as with Pete, fixed all my electrical problems on my skyline after the build.  At a high standard must I add, Cheers brother, I'll be back!

Had Peter work on all my cars. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Thanks for such great service over the years, much appreciated.
Lee Smith

Needed a new battery for my car, so called up these guys. Karen was able to give me a price over the phone, then I dropped in today. Excellent service, new battery fitted while I waited. Pete was very professional and knowledgeable and the job was done quick smart.

Top service, wouldn't hesitate to recommend these guys!!
Sarah Knight"

Friendly staff, I was short on time and they were awesome speeding everything up. Even had a pretty sweet lounge to chill in while I waited for the quick service. Thanks! I will be back!