Reversing Cameras

Reversing Camera CloseEvery vehicle has a massive blind spot directly behind them making it impossible to see what is directly behind you. Fit a reversing camera and screen and get at least 80% more vision – and peace of mind.

A camera and monitor is the most effective way of improving safety around your vehicle. Cameras are most commonly used to cover the reversing blind spot so that when you put the car in reverse the reversing camera looks at what is behind the car.

A range of reversing camera styles and mounting options are available. Come in store for professional advice on what will be the right system for you and your vehicle.

AVS 5" LCD Mirror Monitor

Our most popular option is the AVS 5" LCD Mirror Monitor that clips over your existing factory mirror for only $189.

Or get the AVS Reversing Camera System including a Monitor (dash or mirror mount) and reversing camera all from $599* installed.
*$599 for cars - price may vary dependent on size of vehicle and if extra parts are required - commercial vehicles will require extra extension leads and may require commercial grade cameras and monitor- please ask for a quote.

Audio Visual Head Units

Audio Visual Head Units are another popular option as part of a reversing camera system. When the vehicle is put into reverse the screen automatically goes to the reversing camera view.

See in-store for all our options of AV and Navigation units.

These units start from $349 and replace your factory head unit in your vehicle.

Dash Mount Reversing Camera

Reversing Camera Dash Mount

Another option is a Dash Mount Reversing Monitor. These are a popular option for campervans, buses, and trucks.

The LCD screens are able to be mounted where you would like - just discuss this with our installer. These AVS Monitors start at 4.3" for only $89 and for commercial vehicles can be as large as a 7" screen which is $169.